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KOBE Biomedical innovation Cluster

KOBE Biomedical innovation Cluster Kobe City launched the "Kobe Medical Industry Development Project (currently KOBE Biomedical Innovation Cluster)" as part of earthquake reconstruction projects to revitalize Kobe's economy after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake that hit Kobe on January 17, 1995.Cairman is Mr.Tasuku Honjo.In 2018, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine along with James P. Allison. https://www.fbri-kobe.org/kbic/english/

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International Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition (H.C.R.2019)

We exhibited our "uraraca GPS Walk" at the International Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition (H.C.R.2019). Our booth was joint booth of KOBE Biomedical innovation Cluster. International Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition (H.C.R.) is held by Japan National Council of Social Welfare Health and Welfare Information Association. H.C.R is one of the biggest exhibition of Home care & rehabilitation in the world.H.C.R. 2019 drew 105,675 visitors for 3 days,and welcomed 438 exhibitors from 14 countries and 1 region. http://www.hcrjapan.org/english/

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Save the losted elder

GPS Shoes for Dementia patient. Japan faces a rapidly aging society and dementia patients is increasing day by day.The disappearance of dementia patients due to their wandering behavior has become a social problem.According to an announcement by Japanese National Police Agency in 2017,the number of people missing due to dementia has been increasing year by year. The number was 16927 people. To monitor the wandering behavior caused by dementia, we developed the shoes ”uraraca GPS Walk” that GPS device can built in. We make this shoes with 10 ingenuities and all know-how and love.

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